Naughty or nice? Some VERY cheeky costumes let off steam at notorious Santa pub crawl

Christmas Day is still weeks off, but it hasn’t deterred hundreds of revellers from embracing the Christmas spirit and celebrating the holiday early. Hundreds of party-goers took to the streets in their most festive attire on Friday for the annual Edinburgh Santa Pub Crawl.  Pleasure-seekers dressed up as everything and anything Christmas related to the event, which is one of the biggest Santa Pub Crawl.

  • Thousands of revellers took to the streets of Wollongong Saturday to celebrate the festive Christmas season
  • Groups of party-goers dressed as Santas, angels, and snow-flakes were seen making their way between bars
  • Revellers appeared to take advantage of the warm December weather, as there was plenty of skin on show

While some revellers appeared a little worse for wear, all were pictured in high spirits. Men and women donned their best Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and elf outfits for the notoriously loose event.  But some costumes were somewhat more ambiguous.  But it was when the two girls decided to come in for a kiss on the lips, their antics caught the attention of nearby party-goers, who appear to be enthusiastically watching the girls’ show.

While London was full of men and women clad in Santa uniforms, revellers from around Edinburgh and Manchester also enjoyed the festive season. The rain could not sway the thousands of Santa-dressed revellers taking part in the Santa Pub Crawl in Edinburgh.

The Christmas spirit also appeared to inspire some revellers’ affections for one another to grow, as public displays of affection were snapped on camera. Two loved-up party-goers were seen taking time out for a passionate kiss up against a wall during the day’s events. With a stack of beverages in one hand, the Santa hat-wearing man appears to be enjoying the lust-filled moment. Regardless of the debauchery, the day appeared to be a merry one for the Edinburgh Santa Crew.